May we design a smile for you?

People design home interiors, automobiles and fancy dresses. But a “smile design” — is there really such a thing? Yes!

At Furey Dental Group, smile design is all about giving our patients the smile they’ve
always wanted. It might involve teeth whitening, closing up the little gap between two
front teeth, fixing teeth that seem short or crooked, or integrating a combination of

I’m a strong believer in a “patient-centric” approach to smile design. In other words, we
carefully listen to you about your goals and desires before developing a design for your
smile. Once you’re comfortable with the design, we follow a proven, multi-step process
that helps ensure your satisfaction with the final outcome.

Beyond reviewing your goals, we can show you examples of various smile types,
taking us one step closer to your desired results. With your input, we can create a three-
dimensional mock-up of the proposed treatment; this serves as a blueprint for our
restoration work and as a guide for the talented ceramists who will fabricate your new
restorations. We can also produce a photographic simulation depicting how your smile
will look in real life.

Once you’ve approved the mock-up and photo simulation, we make any needed
adjustments to your design. Next, temporary restorations enable you to “test drive” your
new smile. Your feedback gives us the opportunity to fine tune the plan before your final
restorations are crafted.

Ultimately, we employ a combination of sound scientific principles and artistic
expression to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Your smile should be
natural looking and as unique as you are (no “cookie-cutter” smiles here!). In addition, it
should be comfortable and last for many years to come.

If you’d like to know more about how we can design a smile for you, please give us a call
at 651-490-9011. In future blogs, I’ll provide insights into various types of smiles. Who
knows, we may even throw in a few celebrity smiles just for fun!

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