Big benefits from Mini Dental Implants

At Furey Dental Group, we’re constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of dental
care technologies and procedures. Nowhere is this more true than with the use of 3M
Mini Dental Implants (MDIs).

For several years, I’ve been a certified 3M MDI provider. However, as with almost
everything else in dental care, MDIs are always evolving, and I recently attended a 3M
conference on the latest MDI updates and new applications.

What’s the difference between an MDI and a standard dental implant? For starters, MDIs
cost about one-third as much as standard implants.

Size is another important consideration. A typical standard implant measures 4 to 5
millimeters in diameter, while MDIs range from 1.8 to 2.9 millimeters. While this might
not seem like a lot, the implications for our patients are significant. MDIs require a much
less invasive procedure versus standard implants, and the healing process is substantially

MDIs can be a tremendous benefit for people who wear dentures. Even the best-fitting
dentures may feel loose. By anchoring the lower denture with MDIs, patients may
feel almost as if they have natural teeth again. Plus, because patients don’t have to go
through a long healing process, they can wear their dentures the same day they have their

We also use MDIs for replacing individual teeth, especially small teeth in front. And,
as is the case with dentures, we can install a temporary crown on the same day as the
implants. One of our patients, Julia, shared these comments about her MDI experience:

“It couldn’t have been a better experience. The process was fast and virtually
painless. I have more confidence to go with my beautiful smile, thanks to Dr.
Furey and his staff. I can’t recommend them too highly.”

Feel free to call us at 651-490-9011 if you’d like to know more about our MDI
procedures or to schedule an MDI consultation.

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