Our ‘candid camera’ really has people smiling!

The term “portrait studio,” makes most people think of a place that specializes in
photographs of families, babies, students and wedding parties.

At Furey Dental Group, we have a portrait studio. But, unlike a conventional portrait
studio, there’s only one “star” here: our patients’ smiles! Our portrait studio actually
serves some very serious purposes. Before I get into that, let’s take a quick look at the
history of photography in dentistry.

Dental photography in the ‘olden days’

For decades, dentists have used photography to document cases, educate patients and
colleagues, showcase treatment results and convey important details to laboratory
technicians and specialists.

Back in the 1980s, when we started using photography, the process was quite time
consuming and cumbersome. We would shoot a roll of film, send it in for processing and,
about a week later, receive the finished slides. Then we’d organize the slides and store
them in a filing cabinet. Viewing was done with hand-held viewers and slide projectors.

Today’s digital photography

Boy, have things changed since then! Today we use high-resolution digital photography,
which allows us to view our images immediately. In addition, we’ve invested in special
lighting and lenses that greatly enhance image quality.

Using Adobe Photoshop, we can add graphic elements to make the photos more
meaningful and useful. Because they’re digital, these images can be shared and archived
electronically (freeing up space in our file cabinets).

A diagnostic and treatment planning tool

What’s really impressive is how we’re using photography to benefit Furey Dental
patients! In short, photography has become an increasingly important diagnostic and
treatment planning tool. While we still rely on notes, models and X-rays, a series of
dental photographs provides vital information about how the teeth correlate to the lips
and face.

By manipulating photographs with imaging software, we can design smiles before ever
touching a tooth. These images also allow our patients to become more involved in the
smile design process. Together we can visualize the impact of a treatment plan on a
person’s smile, face and overall well being.

Photography may be used with a broad range of cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and
orthodontic procedures, including crowns, veneers, dental implants and Invisalign® teeth

Dental photography is part of our ongoing commitment to creating lifelong smiles.
For an appointment, including a tour of our portrait studio, call Furey Dental
Group at 651-490-9011

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