Invisalign®: the right orthodontic appliance for you?

Improper teeth alignment can interfere with a fabulous smile and good oral health. Do
any of the following apply to you?

  • Your upper and lower jaws seem to be misaligned, causing excessive wear of your teeth and increasing the risk of gum disease and bone loss.
  • Your teeth are overly crowded, which can result in dental decay and prevent normal functioning of the teeth.
  • Your teeth are abnormally spaced and/or very far apart; this is not only unattractive, but can cause certain periodontal diseases.
  • Your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth too much, possibly leading to oral health problems down the road.

These and other concerns share a common solution: Invisalign®, the revolutionary
approach to straightening teeth.

Easy, comfortable orthodontics

Not so many years ago, braces meant metal brackets and wires in your mouth. By contrast, Invisalign uses a computer-designed, custom-made series of virtually invisible
aligners (commonly known as “clear braces”) created specifically for your mouth.

Smooth and comfortable, these aligners slip easily over your teeth. They gradually and
gently shift your teeth into place, based on precise movements we plan for you. You
can remove the aligners for cleaning and eating, and you pop in a new set of aligners
approximately every two weeks until the treatment is complete. The icing on the cake:
Nobody has to know you’re wearing Invisalign!

Enhanced technology and treatment

At Furey Dental Group, we keep up with the latest innovations in Invisalign technology. For example, we now offer Invisalign Teen®, an orthodontic solution for patients who are still growing. Earlier this year, Invisalign introduced a new SmartTrack material. More flexible and with better “memory” than previous materials, SmartTrack results in an aligner that is more efficient at moving teeth, more comfortable to wear and easier to put in and take out of the mouth.

Our patients have expressed nothing but positive and enthusiastic feedback regarding their Invisalign experiences. “Really easy,” “Fantastic,” “I wish I had done this sooner,”
“Nobody even notices that I have them on” and “I love my new smile” are just some of
the comments we’ve received from our Invisalign patients.

To find out whether you may be a good candidate for treatment, call Furey Dental
Group at 651-490-9011, or click here to request a complimentary consultation. We’d
love to hear from you!

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